Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1000 posts and Lavender Wands

That's right, folks!  We've been entertaining you for 1000 posts.  To celebrate, I'll share a recent project that I really liked: Lavender Wands.  My parents had gotten me one of these YEARS ago from a street fair.  I looked up some youtube instructions and realized how easy it is.  All you need is 16 sticks of lavender and some ribbon.

Line up the lavender so all the tops are even at the base.

Tie at the base of the flowers with the ribbon.  I actually also first tied it quite snug with some thread wrapped around a few times.

Bend the stems of the lavender over to create kind of a "basket". If you want, you can just tie where the flowers end.  But I like the ribbon effect.  Weave the ends of the ribbon in/out of the stems, alternating the left and right ribbon. 

OK, so I ran out of ribbon on this one, but you can see the top woven part of the ribbon how lovely it can be.

Here's one I did last week for Erin.  The nice thing is it smells really good, and dries. The one I had from my parent's still smelled lovely after many years.  You can put them in your underwear drawer, or if you have a cedar chest the lavender will help keep the bugs away.  Or, if you're a daughter of mine you'll use them as a magic want to transform your parents into all manner of bird and beast. 

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Christie said...

1000! Congrats, McMiller family! Here's to many more posts to come.