Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Robin June: 18 months

Height: 33 inches (75-90%)
Weight: 24 lb 0 oz (50%)

Robin is in full toddler mode.  She runs. She climbs.  Time has its own meaning when she's interested in something, and these days she's interested in everything.  She sings, makes jokes, and absolutely knows the meaning of "mine".  She loves her little blankie (LB), Erin, Mommy, and Daddy. In that order.  She'll gladly tell you if something is big or tiny. She counts while climbing stairs or contemplating her toes.  She loves if you read a book to her, but loves even more to show you what in the book she already knows.  Her investigations are mostly self-driven, and she often quietly busies herself with interesting rocks, laces, water, and other fascinating tidbits.  She loves music and demands, "more" whenever there is a pause between songs.  She's a social butterfly and charms anyone nearby - so long as she's safely in Mommy's arms.  Her favorite food is a toss up between hot dog and palak paneer, but also begs for chocolate milk (koko mulk), doughnuts, lolly pops, otter pops, cookies, or other sweets.  She knows how to open the freezer to look for ice cream.  She has 18 teeth and loves to brush them.   

On a Mommy note, these 18 months have gone by very fast.  


Christie said...

Hair! Miss Robin is beautiful!

Kolena said...

Aw! Pretty girl! I can't believe she's 18 months already!

Sharon and Matt said...

She's gorgeous!!!

Carol said...


Dr. Powell said...

Love this post!! In other news, I'm pretty sure Ev has never had any of the food items you mention! Well, maybe except the ice cream, which was really frozen yogurt. A couple of night ago, we gave her a couple french fries and later that evening she got hold of 2 sour patch kids... and I thought we were being super cool by not freaking out. Yay for first-time parenting! I love that she counts the stairs!!!

Shannon said...

Look at those big eyes!

I can't blame her, I love chocolate milk too.