Saturday, April 9, 2011

Robin update: disturbing photos

Here's how things looked Friday morning.

Notice the weird lesions in her skin folds:

Here's how she looked by the afternoon. Notice how the lesions had grown and darkened.

You can see some of the lesions on her side have started to coalesce.


I left the camera with Ashleigh at the hospital tonight, so you can't see her current state, but those target lesions have grown and spread, now her entire torso has coalesced so that there's just giant areas of lesions covering her entire trunk, and most of her arms and legs. She's miserable. She feels like shit, she's swollen, she itches and itches, and she's had a low fever now for three days.

Although there's lesions on her eyelids, still nothing in her eye (for some reason having lesions on your eyelids is fine (?!)), and nothing in her mouth or privates or other mucous membranes. But keep your fingers crossed -- moving to mucous membranes is apparently even more serious business.


Mary said...

Oh, Robin! Get better, baby.

Zozopdx said...

gasp! prayers for that sweet girl. so sorry you're all going through this--wish we could help. glad she's in good hands.

Amber said...

That is the scariest thing I have ever seen. Poor girl! Poor Mom & Dad! Hope you're all home tomorrow and can catch up on some rest. Thinking of you guys--I'm with Zozo, so wish we could do something to help!

Christie said...

Dang. That's horrible. Your poor little girl. Hope you guys are doing okay.

Dr. Powell said...

Ohmygod. That is scary. I hope that things are improving, guys. Thinking of you.

Christina said...

Oh my god. This is really frightening. I am sending all my thoughts over to you guys hoping that this gets nipped in the bud, FAST. Hang in there Robin. You are a brave girl. Kisses to her.

John Judy said...


Anonymous said...

Poor girl and poor Mom & Dad. Hope she is on the road to recovery! sending good thoughts.

laura uschyk

Diane said...

Oh sweet Robin - Thinking of you all and wishing her better asap! I am so sorry!