Saturday, April 9, 2011

Robin Rash Update

Part III, and hopefully the last, in this rash-related blogfest.

Robin is currently admitted to Children's hospital.  Yesterday, after a frantic late-afternoon trip to her pediatrician, the allergist, one ER (we were sent to the wrong one) and a second ER, Robin was transferred here last night.  There was some concern the rash, now covering nearly her entire trunk, arms, legs to her knees, neck, parts of her face, around her eyes, might also enter the mucous membranes, which would be so bad we won't even talk about it.

She's feverish, itchy, and looks like a textbook case of Erythema multiforme.  So textbook, the attending doc last night in the ER wanted to take pictures to show residents.  We signed a waiver and everything.

We'll be here one more night and will likely be going home tomorrow morning.  They're not super concerned about the rash going in the wrong place, they're mostly concerned with making sure she starts eating/drinking again, and is more comfortable.  In other news, Erin got to have her first sleep-over at a friend's house last night and got to play all day with Grandma and Grandpa.


Christie said...

Oh my goodness, you guys. We are thinking about you and hoping for a speedy recovery for Robin.

Sara said...

That is no fun. Are you sharing a room? When we were there we lucked out and didn't have a roommate the whole time. Feel better Robin!