Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Dancer's Diet

Scene: Erin is practicing arabesque to "quiet jazz" (Herbie Hancock tonight).  Ashleigh is trying to get her to finish her dinner.

A: Erin, take one more bite of noodles.  Dancers need energy.

E: Mooom, ballet dancers don't eat.

A (muttering): . . . which is why it's time to switch you to Flamenco.


Shannon said...

ugh. how does she know that already!?!?!

Dr. A said...

I KNOW! Man, I didn't think I'd feel that bottomless pit in my stomach for a few years yet.
I pointed out that her dance teacher is taller than both Brian and I, and that she needed to eat lots when she was a kid to grow to be such a tall dancer.

Shannon said...

well done.

Christina said...

YES! Flamenco!!!! Ole Erin! Flamenco dancers have tons of attitude... and they eat. ;)