Sunday, December 6, 2009

Earlier than the rooster

Some small person in the house woke up early this morning. About 4:35, approximately. By 5:30 it was apparent sleep was done for the night so the McMiller household got a bright dark and early start this morning. There are advantages to these early mornings. Here's what we've done so far:

Made, ate and cleaned and egg, bacon, toast breakfast
Fixed the stopper in one sink
Replaced the drain pipe of the kitchen sink
2 loads of laundry
Changed duvet covers
Made 3 emergency "Go-bags"
Bought more emergency supplies off the Red Cross list
Talked to PGE worker about safety posts around the meter
Baked 1 batch Maple Cookies
Watched 1 episode of Sid the Science Kid
Wrote 1 blog post

Time now: 9:00 AM


JandC said...

I'm exhausted. What are your plans for the rest of the day??

Christie said...

Props to you for having all the suggested items for the Go-bags, and for making use of the unexpected gift of time presented by the early wake up by one Miss E.B.

Kathleen said...

impressive. most impressive.

Naz said...

I ma sorry, Ashleigh. But compared to my self-torture, your morning sounds lovely. Finals time in house with no/almost no heating with snow outside. I hope all is well.