Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lordy, lordy, Brian is 40!

Birthday time!!  Brian turned 40 today.  We started out with tons of friends and a BBQ at a nearby park yesterday.  Here is the rainbow unicorn cake (unicorn was not yet put in place) that was partially smashed by Robin reaching into the back seat to grab the unicorn:

We got the sports package from parks and rec.  All the kids - and many adults - had fun!

Our friend, Patrick, helped indoctrinate B to his 5th decade with some prune juice…. to keep things "running smooth."  Sage advice. 

Of course there was BBQ!

Then today celebrated with multiple soccer games and a dinner at B's parent's house. 

And one challenging game of "Sorry":

Nothing says "40" like a delicious homemade super chocolate cake:

And because his lungs are, well, 40 years old, he had help blowing out the candles. 

Happy 40th Brian*!!!!

* and David!


Dr. Powell said...

Happy Birthday, Brian!
Wait, can you even read this?
Go get your bifocals.
Cheers from the Powells, old man!!

Christie said...

Happy belated, Brian!