Tuesday, February 4, 2014

He Wrote Back!!!!

A couple weeks ago, Erin wanted to show us some interactive art thingie she did in her class that was based on Peter H. Reynold's book "Ish".  We browsed his website and came across this in the Contact section:

Snail Mail
I actually love snail mail... so feel free to send me a note the old fashioned way at:
c/o The Blue Bunny
577 High St.
Dedham, MA 02026 USA

Robin set down and wrote out a "letter" to him consisting of a few pictures, and probably the word "Butterfly" which she is currently fond of writing.  We sealed it up, popped it in the mail.  I put a little note on the back envelope that it was from a fan, "Robin, age 3" and briefly described the drawings she did.


I'm so excited!!  I'm so curious to know what's inside.  We will have to browse other authors' websites for similar invitations to communicate. 

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Christie said...

We love that book! Thanks for the snail mail info. I predict Hen will be writing a fan letter in the near future.