Thursday, June 13, 2013


The normal pre-bedtime routine, bath, PJ's, Teeth, books, has an addendum.  Hair.

I've been encouraging the girls to brush their hair since, well, since they've had hair.  It's one of those things I used to force but realized it's their hair and it was a good lesson that they are in charge of their bodies.  Plus it took a lot of energy.

The past few nights though, Robin has been requesting Erin to brush her hair.  We've discovered an excellent mixture of leave-in conditioner and hair smoothing oil, combined with a little spray of water, that loosens all the knots out.


And then there's the embellishment. Last night it was 3 pony tails, 3 clips, 2 embellished bobby pins, and 5 headbands.

Fancy Hairdo


Carol said...


Christie said...

Not everyone could pull of those embellishments but Robin does it with aplomb.

Linnea Westerlind said...

Love this look!