Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Robin is 3!

This Sunday, Robin officially turned 3!

She started the day by opening a few presents and playing.

Robin is 3!

She chose to go to a local burger place for lunch, and chose ice cream for after her meal. Of course, she ate the whole thing.

Birthday Ice Cream

We did have a family party that afternoon and evening, however Brian took all the pictures. Hopefully he will share because it was a lot of Grandparent-and-Cousin fun.

Big Big Dress

If 1 and 2 were any indication, this year of 3 is going to be one filled with love, exploration and growth for our little bird. She loves investigating things, reading stories, making jokes. She shadows her big sister but is her equal in play. She loves exploring new foods, particularly the one on Mommy's plate. She is nurturing and gentle with her preschool friends and always is cracking up the teachers with her comments and observations.  She's all around a fun person.

Happy birthday, sweet Robin. We love watching your flag unfurl.

Little Ham and a Half

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Christie said...

Happy birthday, Miss Robin!