Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robin June 51 weeks

So, we're nearly at a year.  But there's been some major developments over the last few weeks that are post-worthy and should not get lost amongst the upcoming first-year tribute.


Food. Robin has discovered food in the last two weeks. Yes, she's been "on" solids for several months now, but now she really, really wants to eat. Lots. Of. Food.

First nap in a crib

She's slept in a crib. For the first time. It's only been 1 nap and a few hours each night for the last two nights, then back into bed with us, but it's a start on the road to her being a big girl.

Robin goes goth

Dexterity, curiosity, expressivity. Here, she's explored Erin's watercolor paints, with a hopefully not too prescient Goth effect.  She's all about getting into everything, figuring everything out, and excitedly pointing it out to us with emphatic gestures and pre-words. Not an official count, but she probably has about 15 signs and 8 "words".  And she really does get into everything.

New bed!

Cruising/pre-walking. Every day she's getting closer. I have no doubt she could walk now - she's taken a step here or there and she can do a free-standing balance for a good 10 seconds or so. But Robin is just too clever. She knows crawling will get her there faster. At least for now.

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Zozopdx said...

gasp! what a beautiful room! remember when Erin and Anneke turned 1 and we were all, they're not babies anymore? not true, I have decided!!! I will refer to this next one as "baby" as long as I can!!!

and yet, Robin, what a big girl you're becoming! sniff!