Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Decider

Erin is huge into making decisions these days.

Sly Dinner

She's developed this really cute habit of saying "Uhmmmm" and looking up in the air to let you know she's thinking about something. As in:

Brian: "OK, let's eat some cereal. You want me to pour you some O's?."
Erin: "No! Erin pick!"
Brian: "Yeah, go for it."
Erin: "Uhmmm... this one. No... aaahhmm... *this* one."


Amber said...

Josie's new thing when I ask her which one of something she wants is to respond, "ummm... hmmm... ummm... hmmm." It was cute the first thousand or so times but then it got kind of annoying, I must say.

John Judy said...

It appears that there is a man with a leaf for a head in the background of this photo.

Just sayin.