Wednesday, May 6, 2009


McMillerPDX is moving.

Sometime after the beginning of July, we'll be heading down to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is heartbreaking to think about the friends we'll move away from and the life we'll leave behind. We love Portland.

However, we couldn't ignore the reality that there is no prospect of a fulfilling career for Ms. A here, being the Future Leader in Cancer Research that she is. Ms. A is a great scientist, and deserves to reach out as far as her abilities will take her.

Also, living here in Portland away from our families is difficult for just the two of us, but we don't feel like it is a choice we can make for Erin. One on hand, staying in Portland Erin would grow up amongst wonderful, loving friends, in an incredible city. This city is just great for kids. But she would miss out on the kind of extended family environment that Ms. A and I felt so lucky to have grown up with, the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles, the cousins.

We're trying to be brave and think positively, but it's pretty terrifying, honestly. We've been here for eleven years, minus a year vacation in San Diego. I seriously thought I would live the rest of my life here.

So, now, given all this, my analogy for our situation is that it's like we're standing on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and we know, we've analyzed, we've debated, we understand in our gut, that we need to be on the south rim. And all I can see is the giant canyon between these two lives -- the known, great life that we have to leave and the new, unknown, probably great life we'll start. I can't get my mind around the new life, or imagine what it will be like. All I can see is the cost, the effort -- logistically, mentally, emotionally -- that it will take to get to the other side.

So that's that.

On a good note the house is finally done. And I mean done done. Pimpin', actually. You can see pictures of the place by Googling for our address, or just email us for the MLS number.

We're here a few more months, but we already miss you, Portland.


Christie said...

I was wondering when you were going to write this post. I've only known you folks for a small fraction of the time you spent here but it's been really amazingly awesome. I want to write more but I'm afraid it'd become a sappy mash of sappy sappiness and then you'd both be over in your soon-to-be ex-home wiping your brows and agreeing how lucky you were to move out of the neighborhood before my craziness caused some sort of Single White Female*-inspired snap.

All this to say that you guys are going to be awesome no matter where you are. And someday when Future Leader in Cancer Research great scientist Ms. A makes her mark, all of us left behind will proudly declare "we knew ye when."

Oh, and also, we shall celebrate your leaving with bacon. Lots and lots o' bacon.

*Referring to that bad Bridget Fonda movie from the early '90s.

Anonymous said...

Sending our love and support...
Hang in there, McMillers!

Jenna & Jayson

John Judy said...

Good luck. I've been feeling the time might be right to leave myself, so I can hardly blame you.

However, if you're going to leave us then there is a price to be paid. Ms. A, I fully expect a cure for cancer some time before I go broke paying for there NOT being a cure.

Congratulations on your bravery and commitment to being all you can be (I mean that seriously, not in the army commercial way).

On the plus side? SF is awesome, and Portland has always been a little jealous.

MissMVK said...

I'm so sad! Who will I talk to about child rearing at the TW parties? Who will tell me (Miss A) what a GREAT job I'm doing with Piglet? (tear) On the other hand, I always knew a woman would find the cure to cancer!

Best of luck to you guys. Portland will miss you!

P.S. Does that mean your blog will be redirected to McMillerSFO?

Amber said...

I totally feel for you guys--I don't know if I'd have it in me to make a decision that huge, even if it was for the best. In 6 months, you will not know how you managed without all the extended family... that is going to be amazingly great for you guys. And of course the research job... you guys all have great things in store. It's pretty exciting as an outsider who doesn't have to do any of the work to get there. Of course we will miss you guys like crazy. We expect lots of videos of Erin and plenty of visits north. Hang in there the next couple months!!

Will you have to change your blog address??? :)

Sharon and Matt said...

We know you are leaving an amazing city and some even more amazing friends up there. Good luck with the move, and let us know how it all we contemplate moving up to the SFO area every other day :). Selfishly, we are happy you'll be that much closer to us.
Love you to Portland...or SFO...and back! We're thinking about you!

Zozopdx said...

Dave and I have not given up on staging antics in your yard to ward off potential buyers. We brainstormed brawling and peeing. first him, and then we agreed that me peeing would be a better deterrent.

amycs said...

I will try my best to not join Caroline in her antics, even though I'm dying to give her some better ideas.
Looking forward to another trip to CA to visit you. That last one in SD was da bomb.

Mary said...

I'm still in denial.

Seriously - WHO am I going to call to watch the kids this time when I go into labor in the middle of the night? Love my family and other friends, but gotta say I don't know if I can count on them to take that call at 1am. :)

As much as we hate the thought of you leaving, you know we'll do whatever we can to help you over the next few months. And we'll be sure to have some fun before you go.

Kathleen said...

I am selfish. Because I am SO EXCITED.

Chris and I are here to help you however we can. Seriously.

Zatoichi said...

Wow, guys. What a post. We just read the Sunday NYT article about amazing Portland, so we have an idea of how hard it will be to leave. However, SF is nothing to sneeze at and it's really what you give a place that makes it great. Therefore, wherever you three end up will be a most wonderful place to live.

I am sure family and friends in the Bay Area are thrilled to welcome you back. We're happy this means we might see more of you. We'll be thinking of you as you go through this significant transition.

Christina said...

It is really crazy to think of a Portland with me in it, and you two (three now!) not. This must be an alternate reality!

I will miss you so much. However, since I plan to end up in the bay eventually, I know I will get my fill in the future! I am also not worried about the two of you. You both take life as it comes, by the horns, and live it fully. It is your beautiful inner selves that will make you happy wherever you go!


Shannon said...

holy smokes, giant news!!! i can imagine some of the things you might be feeling in leaving, but totally understand this life choice. something awesome is that in our little blog world, it won't matter what town anyone lives in, we can still keep up with each others lives. i look forward to reading about your inevitable success and happiness.