Monday, April 13, 2009

April Statistics (partial)

From April 2nd to April 13, 2009

Number of visitor person-nights at McMiller PDX: 24
Laundry loads: 12
Dishwasher loads: 11
Rolls of TP: 9
Eggs found by Erin: 24
Chocolate eggs eaten by Erin: 9
Pounds of bacon eaten: 2.4
Showers/baths taken: 60
Naps taken: 17
Trips to the vet: 2
Medications prescribed to Steve: 5
Stitches in Steve: 3
Flat tires repaired: 1
Bags of trash: 4
Bags of recycling: 7
Trips to the dump: 1
Trips to Children's Museum: 2
Trips to Costco: 1
Trips to the grocery store: 14
Walks around the block: 18


Darren said...


Ms. A said...

Smiles: probably 1,000

amycs said...

Chocolate eggs eaten by adults?

Christie said...

9 lbs of bacon!? That's my kind of partial month.

How's Steve doing?