Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love weddings! by Erin

Last week I got to go to two weddings.  First was my first cousin once removed (yes I looked that up) Lou and Aunt Katie.  I had a great time because I did not have to take a nap. And I got to kiss lots of people. 

The second wedding was my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Matt's. Don't I look good with Dad?
 I got to stay up very late and dance, two things I love a lot.  Also I got to eat It's It. Those are tasty. 
I learned brides are beautiful, it's fun to wear lovely dresses, and parties mean no naps! 


J&C said...

She definitely likes dancing at weddings!!! Party girl!

Amber said...

Mmmmmm, It's Its.

I never had any idea they were a SF thing. I've always kind of wondered why I can't get my favorite childhood treat here and now I know. I might just have to order some!

All your travels look wonderful, by the way. I missed all the Erin updates, but it sounds like you had a great time!

Christie said...

No naps! What is it with kids and traveling that keeps them from sleeping? I know Ms. E.B. likes her dance parties but doesn't a girl need to refresh with some good, old-fashioned shut-eye?

Christie said...

Looking that adorable Ms. E.B. must have stole the show from the bride. I think Henry is falling further in love. :)